NEW- Dream Barn - 3 Barns in One!
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14 Flower Window boxes: 

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NEW- Dream Barn - 3 Barns in One!
DREAM BARN - 3 barns in one! Includes 5 Box Stalls, Tack Room, and Hay Loft. The hay loft locks in place to create a luxurious center isle barn. Lift the hay loft off and use the 3 barn pieces separately. Stall doors open on the inside and outside. The roofs come off for ease of access. This barn will provide years of fun!!! The Dimensions of the barn 24.5 inches from side to side x 32 inches from front to back x 26 inches from top to bottom. The separate piece dimensions: Both side pieces are 32 x 11.5 x 14.5 The hayloft is 32x11.5x14