Accessories for your jumps and frames

Item# jump-accessories

Product Description

Model Horse Jumps' accessories are interchangeable with all model jumps. You can add gates, flowers, more jump cups, and rails. There are endless possibilities to the jump combinations and courses you can design. Have Fun and let your imagination run wild!!!!!!!!

Extra Jump Cups
Includes 2 jump cups. Each jump cup has a chain and pin attached. They work exactly like the "Life Size" jump cups. They can be moved up and down the jumps using the pin to secure them in place. Each jump can have up to 7 sets of jump cups attached. The jump cups and pins are plastic therefore very durable.
Extra Poles
3 white rails
Pair of Flower Pots
Model Horse Jumps - Pair of Flowerpots will compliment any jump.
Flower Boxes
Flower boxes are realistic and are a great addition to all our model horse jumps. They come in 2, 4 inch sections. Put the together in the center of the jump or place each section on each side of the jump.
Green Roll Top
The roll top is life like and can be used by itself or with any of our jumps. It comes in 2 sections. Each section measures 4 inches so it fits nicely within the standards.The sections can be put together between the standards or separated in front of the standards to accessorize the jump.
Fillers for Jumps
This Fillers can be used with any of the jumps or on its own.Put them together in the center of the jump or use independently as a jump.
Filler Style: 
Model Horse Jumps - jump gate goes along with all of our model jumps. The gate is designed to be fully adjustable in height using jump cups. The gate is 9 inches wide.
Gate Style: 
Liver Pool
The Liverpool is just like the real thing. It can even hold water. It is 8" x 4" and ready for your horse to jump, Have Fun!